MáLà Project is a restaurant brand founded with a mission to deliver joy through neo-Sichuanese cuisine. From fiery MáLà Dry Pots to comforting Northern Chinese classics, it’s a cozy place to gather round with friends and family.

The Dry Pot is at the center of any MáLà Project order. Choose from endless combinations of meat, seafood, vegetables, and other unique ingredients to be wok fried with Chef Zhao’s secret MáLà Sauce. Made from a complex blend of 24 herbs and spices–each with a specific medicinal purpose–cooked over six hours, to create a mouth-watering flavor that keeps you craving for more. The menu boasts a selection of quintessential Dim Sum, Noodles, and Speciality Rices to complement the Dry Pot. The drinks menu offers Chinese favorites like Plum Juice and Tsingtao alongside other beer selections, wine, and an inspired cocktail list.

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